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Dog Stair Lift- Will We Ever See the Stair Of The Dog 2022?

“Hey dog you need a lift?  Thats exactly what your pooch will be doing by taking a lift in the worlds first prototype of a  dog stairlift.

Not only will this take the place of having to carry your FAT heavy, tired dog up and down the stairs, but this will help conserve energy of elderly dogs and dogs with physical disabilities.  In fact, this product would also be great for seniors who have trouble getting rover up and down the stairs. But will this ever come to market? Hummmm…we are waiting.

Hows it work?

This doggy stairlift is activated by your dogs paw once the dog is sitting on the electronic platform. The price of this “Stair of the Dog 2022” is $8,000. This is such a unique invention for dogs, yes but maybe the stairlifts should just be used for the elderly. I mean whats next life alert for dogs? Hmm well I guess anything is possible.


Step Aside Nanny Cam-Move Over For Petcube!

Do you ever wonder what your dog is doing when you are at work? Is your new puppy eating the sofa? Is your dog sick but you can’t stay home? Perhaps your cat is quietly plotting world domination behind your back and you want to catch him in the action.

Introducing Petcube, a new home tech gadget that allows you to watch, talk and play laser games through a mobile app on your smartphone any time any where–literally!

It’s also extremely sleek and STYLISH with it’s cool aluminum and glass look BUT you can also personalize with a variety of custom skins to cover the cube. The Petcube becomes a stylish home furnishing accessory all the while keeping you connected to your pet.

Petcube was funded with Kickstarter and became the most successful crowd funded pet product in history!  Very impressive!  It also has a fun community aspect built into the mobile application that allows you to share pics and videos with friends among many other features.

Early adaptors can pre-order now and product will begin shipping in May. It’s a great price for the Style, functionality, technology $179.


SUMMER PLAID TREND ALERT: Kane & Couture Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Pet fashion TREND ALERT for summer!

The Plaid and Gingham trend that was so popular in the fall and winter continues into Spring. What’s exciting this season is the mix of FRESH citrus colors, with traditional plaid tones to create something totally modern and new.

Boyfriend Button Down Plaid/Gingham

This cute Plaid and Gingham button down shirt by hit it out of the PupStyle ball part with their Boyfriend shirt for $28.  Every fur-boyfriend deserves this hot shirt.

Boyfriend Button Down Plaid/Gingham

Boyfriend Button Down Plaid/Gingham


I Like Big Mutts Tote by Dog Is Good

Dog is good sent me this amazing, high quality tote “I like Big Mutts” canvas bag!!

I attention every time I walk out of the house with it. It has a cool screen printed front and embroidered back. It’s a nice size for carrying a spring blanket and lunch to the park in with your mutt $23.99. It’s a great gift for yourself or any self respecting dog lover–with a sense if humor.




Watch Dara Foster’s Tips On The Better Show ” How To Throw A Stress Free Dog Birthday Party!”

Tune into The Better Show to learn my tips for throwing a stress free dog birthday party!

Co-Host “Mo” turned 5 this week and my friends at Better TV asked me to join them to show viewers how to throw a really easy, stress-free birthday party. They are fur children after all..duh!

-Mo’s personalized party hat, bow tie and decor are from

-Yummy and beautiful, organic cake from BubbaRose’sBiscuitCompany

-Interactive Twister by Nina Ottosson and singing birthday cake from

-Orbee-Tuff Mazee interactive balls by Planet Dog



Behind the scenes at the Better TV studios

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