Ask Dara: Where can I find clothes for my Big Dog?

QUESTION: Joey is my German Shorthaired Pointer and he loves to play outdoors. I have been trying to find a coat for him. But each time I get one online – when it shows up it is too tight in the chest. I guess German Shorthaired Pointers have big chests? Joey’s is Chest is 30″.

ANSWER: Have no fear Joey, Dara is here! No doubt there is a shortage of clothing choices for big dogs in the market place and finding a proper fitting coat can be frustrating not to mention expensive. My go-to brand for sporty, high-quality BIG dog coats is Their entire line is designed for large breeds and their coats and hoodies will fit a chest size up to 37″.
Happy shopping!
– Dara

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2 responses on “Ask Dara: Where can I find clothes for my Big Dog?

  1. Steffen

    We just launched a line of Push Pushi dog raincoats with a detachable rain hood – so the coat (with fleece lining) can be worn without the hood. We offer a wide range of sizes – also for big dogs. We just made one for a Great Dane! 🙂
    If your dog doesn’t fit the standard sizes in our sizing chart on the website, we can custom make any size and color / fabric combination you like if you send us your dog’s measurements.

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