Hot new meme #breading not just for cats!

UPDATE: Bernard has been featured on wrap up of the top Breading shots online! He is the last one of the page (obv saving the best for last!)

First you had #planking then #owling then #Tebowing and now your pets can get in on the “fun” with #breading. Recently highlighted by Gawker the breading phenomena is taking the web by storm! A simple concept really – grab a slice of bread – hollow out a pet head sized hole – stick it on your pet – and take pictures! GENIUS! Well up until now it has been mainly cats being #breaded – and the trend could be traced further back to a rabbit being “waffled”. But now thanks to PupStyle’s crack team of bread stylists we are proud to bring you PupStyle #breading! NOTE: No dogs were harmed in the #breading for these photos – and did not eat the bread.

The progenitors of #breading - a rabbit with a waffle on it's head and a recent #breaded cat

Bernard is built to be #breaded!

Bernard cracking a smile while being #breaded

Flo is ok with the concept of #breading and wanted to get in on the action.


2 responses on “Hot new meme #breading not just for cats!

  1. katherine p

    Wtf is wrong with people?? Leave your animals alone??
    At what point in the picture taking process, do your pets look happy to have a piece of bread wrapped around their heads??
    Sick individuals do these things to their animals who they “love”.
    Grow up.

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