Dara Foster brings some PupStyle to Nate Berkus today!

From adorable dog collars to free standing feeders, check out the hottest trends in doggie design. Dara Foster and Parker took some time out of their busy schedules to stop by the Nate Berkus show with some cute and stylish adoptable doggies from the
The Humane Society of New York City at humanesocietyny.org.

The Pet Design with Dara Foster episode will be airing today at 3pm on NBC 4 in the New York tri-state area. Check your local listings for time here.

The PupStyle crew shows Nate Berkus what is hot in pet design!


2 responses on “Dara Foster brings some PupStyle to Nate Berkus today!

  1. Sharon Romero

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    Check out our Flower Collection. Each flower is painted on the edges and the backs are even painted so nothing has an unfinished look. We have created so many variations and they keep on coming. Looks like butterflies are a hit this Spring too…..can’t wait to see how many variations we come up with. They are often created from the requests of our customers by the way. They see what we have and often have their own “vision” of what will work for them.
    We now offer our line to both retailers and to the direct consumer these days. We create all these items in our New York studio and still believe the art of fine craftsmanship is important.

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